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Word Frame – Simple Programming Problem


I stumbled upon a post that contains simple programming problems, and selected one at random from that list to solve. In this case, we’ll be doing it the PHP way, and we’ll treat it as though it’s code that will be introduced onto a production environment. The Problem The problem is as follows Write a function that takes a list of strings an prints them, one per line, in a...

Let’s Create A GIT Alias


Problem You have a specific command with lots of arguments that you need to run regularly, but you typing the specific arguments has gotten more repetitive than you’d like. Solution A nice git alias will do the trick. First, we’ll take a complex git command, like the one below. git log --graph --pretty='%C(bold yellow)%h%Creset %s %C(cyan)%ce%Creset' Next, we’ll come up with a...

Let’s Create A Manual WordPress Backup


Scenario You’ve got your WordPress blog up & running, but now you need a backup in the event of a hardware failure, security breach, or something else unexpected. You don’t have a process in place for your backups just yet, but you need to do a manual backup in the mean-time. Is this you? If so, read on. Prerequisites Before we get started with our backup, you’ll need the...

Let’s install Composer in less than 2 minutes


Do you need to get Composer installed quickly? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Prerequisites Before we get started with the installation, this guide assumes that: You have PHP installed on your machineYou’ve got your user permissions in orderwget is installed on your machineYou have SSH or terminal access to your machineYou’re running this installation on a machine...

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